Zippy Emerald Chicken

by Victor Salazar

šŸ¤© šŸ˜³ the Emerald Marinade is PERFECT for a quick lunch!!!

Kylie Perrotti of @triedandtruerecipe threw some chopped chicken (seasoned with salt and pepper) in a bag with the marinade and let it refrigerate for about 45 minutes.

From there, just threw on a pot of rice. šŸš While the rice simmers, saute the chicken in a little oil and add a can of diced hot green chilies. As soon as your rice is finished resting, your chicken should be about done!!!

Now just make some guacamole and throw on some cherry tomatoes and a few slices of Serrano pepper for a finish of heat.

If you like tangy, zippy marinades, the Emerald Marinade is not to be missed. It packs a serious punch and works super well on chicken, shrimp, or even pork šŸ˜‹

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